About the Company
About the Company
LabradorData is a private enterprise owned by Douglas Robbins and Cynthia Colosimo (Robbins), and is based in Forteau, Labrador, Canada.

Doug is a web developer and server administrator. He's responsible for the PHP/MySQL programming and the HTML/CSS layout work involved in each website created by LabradorData. As well he manages the server infrastructure that hosts our web, email and DNS services.

Cynthia is an illustrator and community development worker. She has provided artwork, layout and content for websites and heritage interpretation projects in Labrador and the nearby regions of Quebec and Newfoundland. Cynthia is responsible for design elements and content management with LabradorData.
The SmartLabrador Legacy
Cynthia and Doug are former employees of SmartLabrador, the organization that pioneered Information Technology development in Labrador.

SmartLabrador brought videoconference services to remote communities for health, education and justice applications. It delivered broadband Internet access to most Labrador communities. It created self-managed websites for dozens of municipalities, organizations and small businesses.

In late 2013, after a dozen years of innovation, SmartLabrador closed its doors. Existing clients of SmartLabrador with web and email services were transitioned to LabradorData Ltd.

LabradorData is committed to delivering the best possible service to our clientele in Labrador and neighbouring regions. We look forward to working with you!
LabradorData Ltd is an incorporated company in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Company No. 71927