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Your Website with LabradorData
LabradorData is pleased to present this website development offer to all businesses, towns and organizations in Newfoundland & Labrador.
$1,799 Plus HST
  • 5-page startup site. You can create additional pages later for free, there's no limit.
  • Includes first year of webhosting. $205 per year (plus HST) thereafter.

Full List of Features:

  • A unique, custom design created expressly for you
  • Our exclusive Content Management System (CMS), where you can easily edit and add content
  • Training in the use of our CMS
  • Ongoing help & support from LabradorData
  • Responsive design, so that you website is readily accessible on all devices
  • Integrated News feature
  • Integrated Photo Gallery feature
  • "Contact Us" web form.
  • Website and server optimizations that make your website fast-loading, for the best visitor experience
  • Daily remote backups in case the unexpected happens
  • Web hosting for one year
  • Domain name registration for one year
  • Up to 3 email accounts for one year (additional accounts available at a small extra cost)
Building Your Website

At LabradorData we approach website development as a partnership effort between you, the client, and us. You bring the knowledge and familiarity with the subject — whether it be your business, organization or town — while we provide the design and technical skills for web development. Together, knowledge & skills can make an awesome combination!

LabradorData's 10-Step Web Building Process:

  1. We'll start with a discussion of a site map outlining the structure of your website. This can be as simple as a bulleted list.
  2. Next we'll talk about colours and graphical elements. You may already have a colour scheme and a logo, in which case we'll incorporate them. If not, we'll work on it.
  3. Next, LabradorData will start a design concept for your site.
  4. While we're working on that you can starting assembling your content. This can be brochures or documents that you already have, or new text that you write. If you're writing, don't worry too much about polishing, that can come later. Aim to get the facts down and ensure nothing important is overlooked.
  5. And of course you'll need photos, the more the better. Send them by email to us as early as possible to help the design process along. By paying attention to photos early on you'll also discover what you don't have....
  6. LabradorData will present the design concept to you for review. This will give the "look and feel" of your website-to-be. You can of course have input and suggest changes.
  7. Once you're happy with the design concept, the web programming starts and your website takes life within our Content Management System. You'll be able to view it, and again have input.
  8. After the design is tweaked and tuned and working correctly, we'lll create the pages identified in your site map, and add the text content and photos you've collected. At this time we can work on polishing the text, aiming for clear language that is also search engine friendly.
  9. Time for the final review. You may wish to leave it for a day or two, and then come back with fresh eyes.
  10. Launch Day! With a few adjustments on our end your website becomes publicly accessible.

What About SEO and Search Engines?

"Search Engine Optimization" is a huge industry and something of a black art. Search engines like Google and Bing use software (called "bots") to read web pages, index them and rank them. "SEO" is an attempt to influence how a site is ranked by a search engine, so it appears higher in the list of results returned from a web search.

SEO is a highly competitive, commercial, and often expensive process. And there are seldom any guarantees of success.

Fortunately there is an alternate approach. At LabradorData we focus on being Search Engine Friendly and building rank via the seach engine's natural ranking process (sometimes called "organic" ranking). Being "Search Engine Friendly" means that the content of your website is readily accessible by search engines — your content is original, well structured and well presented.

The next important step in taking advantage of organic ranking is building backlinks. A "backlink" is a link to your website from another website. The more the better. This is something you can continue to work on over time.

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